Basic Controls

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CSC controls confused me for a little while, it's not your standard First person or Third person space shooter and takes a little bit to get used to.

  • Left click does not always work, instead you should hold down left button on your ship and drag out towards the direction you'd like to travel in.
  • This will set you in that direction and you will continue to move for as long as your engines are online, if you need to stop you need to click "All Stop" at the bottom right.
  • If you need to go near an object you need to left click it, then a small image will appear near the top of the screen along with it some tiny buttons which are very useful
    • Approach (and stop)
    • Follow
    • Evade
    • Orbit
  • In terms of mining, Approach or Orbit would be the easiest
  • Navigation via map is still getting worked on, open up map by then you need to double left click to set destination and hit "engage slipstream" to go there via super-lightspeed

Please see this Medium Article with screenshots explaining the HUD and some basic actions such as docking.

WIP: anyone know what double left clicking does?