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Current Event (Started 12th June)

For this next mining event, we have seed Sol and Proxima with the following resources. The player with the MOST of a single resource will win this event. Each player will only get credit for 1 resource total. So if you happen to have the most Nickle and Trilite you will only win for one of those with the other going to the next highest winner. This event will go on from now till Monday 6/17/2019. We will be reseeding every few days for the duration of this event.

There will be 9 winners, each of which will get 2 x Premium crates for having the most of a single resource. Good Hunting!
Resources to Find for this Mining Challenge: 
-Nickel Ore
-Titanium Ore
-Cosmethyst Ore
-Galtronium Ore
-Peridot Ore
-Cobalt Ore
-Trilite Ore
-Iron Ore
-Gold Ore

Details can be found in the Official Discord Server

2019 Development Roadmap

This year will be a landmark year for CSC with many major milestones being hit. Most importantly will be our WIDE general release of the game which is tentatively set for July 2019. While there is much more needed to complete CSC as a whole, we feel strongly that enough of the game and economic tools will be in a ready and stable place later this year to allow players to come in and start building out this world. With this in mind, we have laid out the following tentative release milestones tied to features we are looking to have in each release.

Alpha 0.6 - Module, Ship Sales & Client Update

Alpha 0.62 - Mining persistence & Refining gameplay

Alpha 0.65 - Marketplace 2.0: A complete change to how current blockchain marketplaces work with a focus on supporting a true player-owned economy with little friction for all user.

Alpha 0.7 - Crafting 1.0: Our initial implementation of CSC crafting.

Alpha 0.8 - Missions, GRP rewards, and station services UI.

Alpha 0.9 - NPCs population & new star systems.

Alpha 1.0 - Wide release on Steam / Early Access (Tentativetly July 2019)

Alpha 1.1 - Something… ;-)

Alpha 1.2 - Expansion missions (colonist and workers game mechanic)

Alpha 1.3 - Contracting & automation gameplay

Alpha 1.4- Multi-ship / fleet Command & in-game clan management

Alpha Status

Test logo 1.png

CSC is currently gearing up to the Divergence Alpha Event

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